About us


   Company ARDECOR has been created in 2007,

   and already more than 12 years as it has dissolved

   the activity in the Armenian market, offering the wide

   choice of doors  to the Armenian consumer.

   The success of our high-quality manufacture consists both in

   long-term labour experience  and in an appreciation  and trust of the consumer.


Our factory makes doors from high-quality Bulgarian МДФ

on which locks are put the standard of Russian company APOLLO,

by the way the lock can be replaced by any another, at choice of the buyer.

Doors gather ona basis швилера a standard thickness 8, 10 and 16 sm.




     We also accept orders of any sizes and kinds of interroom

     and external doors.Orders deliver to the consumer in a current

     of three working days,considering with next day the order.





You can receive the information about the goods

and services of the company from

a website (armdecor.com),as well as from

facebook (ARMDECOR) or

call under following telephone numbers:  


Mobile:          (093) 48-11-21 or (091) 49-11-21
The house:    (010) 57-80-56